If you want to get a piece of furniture produced , then Stephen Turner Furniture can commission any furniture to your specification .Find out more below:

Why Commissioning a piece of Furniture ?

There are so many places that you can go to look at and buy furniture, however all too often furniture that you see is just not right in some way or another. Perhaps it is that little too big, small, not the right colour ,or just not quite right in some shape or form. By Commissioning you can have a piece of Furniture created to exactly how you want it .

The Commissioning Process

The Idea

After initial contact and discussion , I would arrange to call and meet with the Client and discuss your ideas for the piece of Furniture. You should have a reasonably clear idea of what you want in terms of size, colour and functionality of the Furniture.

The Design

After the initial meeting I will start to prepare proposed designs for your furniture. these can obviously change in order to meet your specific requirements as the project evolves and once both parties are happy with the design ,the construction process can begin. At this point we ask for a 40% deposit to cover the cost of materials.


Once the design is finalises and order taken, timber and any other materials can be ordered .The timber will be roughly cut over size and then left for about 4 weeks so as to stabilise and condition itself to an acceptable moisture content, once this is reached the construction will begin on your commissioned piece of Furniture which will be made to the highest standards of Craftsmanship to give you an outstanding finished product. During the construction of your piece of Furniture you are welcome to visit the workshop at any time .


Furniture that is made to your exact specifications will inevitably be a little more expensive than furniture that is factory made. – but this is not always the case, because by commissioning a piece of Furniture you are cutting out the middle man, so all your money goes into the making of the item and not massive overheads of the retailer . – The price of the piece of Furniture will depend on a number of different factors such as timber and materials used in the making, the time it makes to construct and how complicated the design is. The Best thing is to state a budget at the start then we can tailor the furniture design to that Budget.

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